Hey mister! I don't stir nothing I can't handle! 😉 Awe come on have fun! Live recklessly, don't let a bunch of highly hormonal teenage girls stop you from enlightening the rest of Twitterverse. I happen to enjoy your bluntness. Refreshing.

I was told apparently that my first note on this enchanting couple got 72 favorites/re-blogs which I guess surpassed any post that is to do with this couple on twitter. 

So what would it take to get you on twitter and have some real fun with TVD'rs and Nian and Somereed fans??? I can't imagine the fun one could have actually being able to feed off each other.

Someone wants to stir up some trouble I see. I don’t know if twitter can handle my bluntness. Fan girl’s everywhere might go into cardiac arrest each time they read my words on how their walking on sunshine couple is the definition of complete bullshit. 

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I love when you let the "bastard" in you come out to play!! I have to admit once I ask you a question, I can't wait to see your response. Aww shit there went my anonymity. 😇😈 a drunk mastermind who could care less about the teens and their pitchforks, says it like it is.. Waiting and ready baby!

You continue to stroke my ego, I like you.

That’s when I relate to Damon, because I could care less what others think. Especially those who allow their lives to revolve around people who don’t give a damn about their opinion or what they think. 

“My lie was in my rejection of you upon my return to Mystic Falls. Of all the cons I’ve pulled, my love for you was never one of them. -thatpsychoticpetrova” —

Holy shit right in the Datherine feels with that one

I see more spark between Ian and Paul then I do between him and Horseface. Hell I feel sorry for him if this is a real relationship because it is seriously missing the chemistry and passion Ian is always (used to) talk about having. Actually come to think of it, looks like Ian may have lost his passion and drive. His life has definitely taken a turn. I think this heifer might have powers.. Do you think she's compelled him or he's just tripped and stumbled upon stupid?

Let the record show I did not come up with that name, however I do have some carrots nearby.

I don’t see passion at all, it’s lacking, it’s Matt and Elena all over again. Bonus points to anyone who understood that. 

I’m not going to lie to you. I literally just got back from a party, I’m drunk, past the definition of drunk. Maybe that’s why I’m laughing at the nicknames, and I’m trying to stay on the good line because the bastard in me wants to join you.

Who the hell knows. He’s done a complete 180 on his life, did the vampires in Twilight have compulsion? You know who doesn’t even need the power of compulsion to get you to do what she wants? Nina Dobrev, hell.

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Is there a ship you miss rping?

Not really no, because I’m very content with everyone.

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I ship eldestsalvatore and eldestgilbert like it’s nobody’s business. The chemistry they have together is amazing I could sit and read their rps all day. They both play their characters spot on, If I didn’t know better I’d believe they are the real Damon and Elena.

— Anonymous.

By far this is one of the highest of compliments. To whoever took time to send this in thank you. Greatly appreciated. It’s always a pleasure writing with Mel, she’s amazing, and I’m more than honored to be the Damon to her Elena. 

If you and Elena got married where would you go for your honeymoon

This question hurts, because I wanted that. I wanted to have the honor of being able to call her Mrs. Salvatore. I wanted to be able to slip that ring on that pretty finger of hers and shout to the heavens how I’m the luckiest man in the world.


I suppose I would have taken her to Italy, take her to my Italian roots, get a nice villa or maybe an island were the requirement is wearing nothing but your birthday suit. Obviously the island would be secluded because if some idiot gawked at my girl I’d gauge their eyes out, and you all know how skilled I am at doing that.

Is Elena still your girl?

Elena will always be my girl

Even if the time comes and she moves on, which I hope she does because she deserves happiness she will still be my girl.

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How would you react if Enzo went after Elena to hurt her? He has no limits right now.

I’d play the tit for tat game and figure out a way so that I can haunt his ass and be a royal pain in the ass to him. Maybe when he retries to charm Blondie Forbes I could spill a drink on his pants to make it look like he wet himself.

Call me crazy but I actually think Enzo won’t hurt anyone. Yeah he’s pissed, but he’s alone, and he’s going to want to find some companionship. If he turns to Caroline he’ll have to behave himself because if he hurts anyone she cares about he doesn’t have a chance.