Damon Salvatore the eldest brother to Stefan Salvatore for so long he's had to deal with living in his brother's shadow, being second best, but he's finally accepted it.

Be the better man words that have been told to him, words he tried to live by, but after awhile when you give and you give and never get you finally decide enough is enough. He's a reckless, arrogant dick who from time to time looks after others when need be, but even with his bad boy tendencies woman still are drawn to him.

Guiding Light | eldestsalvatore


Cause the Sun is low, 
And I yet have still so far to go, 
My lonely heart is beating so, 
Tired of the wonder. 

          For once her heels had no sound as they lead her to his room. It was as if they’d become hollow losing all ground to stand on though she wouldn’t let anyone else know. Thankfully the house had been emptied figuring that the Scooby gang was out trying to find a magic loop hole to undo what had happened. 

Will you miss me while off defending the south?" Katherine asked sincerely though her tone had masked the sentiment behind a smooth sultry tone that could have easily been mistaken for lust. Confident or not she needed to hear it, the genuine love that was so easily detected in his voice each time he spoke of her, it was so endearing.
I shall." Damon whispered back.
Then I hope you will hurry back, I fear I will be lonely with you away.


          Her fingertips trailing along the edge of his bed, each step she takes falling shorter and shorter to his side. Damon had caught her dressing in front of her vanity mirror, sensing his presence without hearing his footstep. His heartbeat would have been a dead give away but instead it was nothing more than a distraction as it played her favorite melody. When she called for him he came, willingly… eagerly. His touch caressing her the soft skin of her back so tenderly, gently, passionately. Even for a vampire she’d fallen weak and hated the feeling. Being on the run for so long she hadn’t expected to be left so vulnerable and open but she was. Katherines body fell back against his chest her head resting along his shoulder, so so close to his heart, the melody louder than it had been before and causing her eyes to close slowly.. indulging herself in the rhythm she swore matched her own when she had a heartbeat of her own.

          Clear in her features she had felt his lost, the loneliness of his absence had in fact impacted her though no one would believe it if they’d seen.  Taking a quick glance behind her she listens closely to the silence that stilled the mansion. Still no one had returned and no one would interrupt her in her moment of wanting closure, though still not accepting the loss. She couldn’t.. and wouldn’t. Accepting the loss meant she would never see him again and that was something Katherine couldn’t face. Even in her own death they both couldn’t bring themselves to say goodbye. ” It looks like you’re in hell without me, Damon, but this isn’t goodbye. ” Katherine mutters quietly, pain and regret evident in her tone. Oh how she missed his banter. His snide commentary that was obviously a defense, a shallow one but a defense nonetheless, each insult masking the fact that the two would always have an undying love that couldn’t be denied. She missed him…


I’ll forget the last 145 years I’ve spent missing you. I’ll forget how much I loved you. I’ll forget everything and we can start over. This could be our defining moment see because we have the time. That’s the beauty of eternity. I just need the truth, just once.

Stop. I already know your question.. and it’s answer. The truth is I never loved you, Damon, it was always Stefan.

          Lies upon lies, so much so that she had started to believe them herself. It was what was best for her at the time. Just like Damon Katherine had come to Mystic Falls with a single purpose and that was to get the moonstone so she could return it to Niklaus as a bargain for her freedom, believing it was the only way to break the curse and allow him to become the first hybrid. Damon would have gotten in the way, a casualty that she didn’t want to risk for fear that he would get killed trying to save her. ‘I didn’t let love get in the way.' Still the pain in his eyes from that night had been so much more than haunting. ” Humanity is a vampires greatest weakness. No matter how easy it is to turn it off- it just keeps fighting it’s way back in. Sometimes I let it.. but you already knew that didn’t you, Damon?

There’s a sign ahead, 
Though I think it’s the same one again, 
But I’m thinking ‘bout my only friend, 
So I find my way home.

          Truthfully, Damon had been the only one to fully know her, in ways that no one else had. Katherine didn’t have to hide behind a facade, she could bare all and be just what she had become with Damon. He accepted her, loved her for all that she was and would be. That love being more real than anything she’d felt in 500 years. Doppelganger fate and all. So lost in thought, reminiscing of him and the times they had once shared, finding herself at his desk where her picture had once laid out for display. ” Why must you run from me? Because I know you will chase. ” Katherine recites aloud, her gaze finally lifting to glance painfully around the empty room. ” Then let me chase you forever. It will be our little secret.. I promise. ” It’s almost as if she’s searching for a sign of him, anything to cling onto the hope that she’ll get him back. ” 'I'm not a hero Damon, I don't do good. It's not in me but somewhere along the way, I decided that you were worth saving.' I’ve been running for 500 years, worn out so many good heels… all with the reward of knowing I have people looking out for me. It was real for me. Too little or too late, I loved you, Damon, and deep down inside I know there’s still something that lingers for me. We will be together again because I’m going to be the one who brings you back.. ”


When the Grim Reaper had made its final appearance to Damon Salvatore he had accepted it knowing that this time there was no way out of it. For the first time in a long time since his human life Damon had accepted that he was going to die, and this time around it would end up meaning something, because he had died to protect the ones he had grown to care for. Had it hurt saying goodbye to Elena? Like hell it did in the worst way possible, but he had accepted it because even through his cruelty somewhere in time life had granted him the honor of being loved by Elena Gilbert, and that was something he’d take with him even past death.

Standing deep into the woods side by side with Bonnie he had allowed her to reach for his hand, their fingers lacing together and he actually found himself grateful to her. For a brief moment he had glanced her way guilt creeping up inside of him at the fact that she was here too. After everything she had done and sacrificed she was here facing the unknown with Damon.

Do you think it’s going to hurt

Yes, he had wanted to answer, but truthfully speaking he didn’t give a damn about the bright vortex now showcasing itself. The part that was going to hurt was leaving the ones he loved behind.

I don’t

The sentence going unfinished as both had been suddenly ripped right from off the ground and thrown into the oh so very intimidating vortex of what he liked to call doom. Just as fast as they had been sucked in they had been thrown out landing in what he deemed a different realm entirely.  After rushing to Bonnie’s side and helping her up they cast their attention towards their surroundings, Damon’s brows furrowing in confusion figuring with the other side now obliterated they would have just turned to dust, and be gone.  Great he had muttered realizing that now he’d have to live with the ache and longing to return back home, not only that but he and Bonnie would have to make due at wherever they were. Trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel it could be worse….sure we don’t exactly know where we are, but we’re already dead so what’s the worst that can happen he supplied with a smirk, but the smirk not fully reaching his eyes even as he tried to reassure them both they’d be okay.



“You need to stop doing that”

“Stop doing what” he nonchalantly asks as his hands remained braced holding the cell bars, his gaze cast towards the floor.

“Stop pouting…..stop thinking of what you left behind and longing to return to it because it’s not going to happen.”

 The statement a slap in the face as he lifts his head his brilliant baby blue now dangerous as he releases a low growl “it’s bad enough I’m in hell” scoffing “or close to it….and separated from the person I travel here with…..having to be locked next to you so please drop the Debby Downer attitude it’s dare I say depressing?”

“I’m just stating the facts Damon, we’ve been imprisoned here for two weeks now and nothing has changed.”

“I know Isobel” he says through gritted teeth as his grip on the bars increase “but there is this little thing I like to call hope….you sure you’re Elena’s mother” shaking his head “not really seeing the whole like mother like daughter similarities….I’d say Katherine but” smirks slightly “with the whole age difference it makes it an unbelievable story.”

“Katherine” this time the female growling “don’t bring up her name” she warns.

A rich chuckle slipping past his lips trying to find a hint of lightness to this dark situation “still bitter she was able to pass through Bon, Bon before you” he asks with an arched brow “not all that surprised…what Katherine wants Katherine gets….if anyone wanted back to the world of the living I’d place all the bets on Kit Kat.”

“So while we rot in this misery of hell she’s back on earth getting exactly what she wanted” bitterness clear in her tone “probably tending to Stefan hoping to move in and use your death to her advantage” she says, but Damon remains silent. Any other time he would have agreed but recently something had changed such a view. Damon wasn’t sure if it was a draw back or perks but sometimes if someone was thinking of him he could feel it, and if he concentrated enough he could appear beside them. Of course they wouldn’t see him, it was the first thing he had tried with Baby Gilbert, but with the other side gone there was no need for Ghost Whisperers anymore. Damon had made his rounds visiting with those he cared about, but mostly his time was spent watching Elena or Stefan, before Damon had been captured and thrown into this cell the last person that he had visited surprisingly had been Katherine, and what he had walked in on still hadn’t exactly sunk in yet.



A sense of warmth should have spread through him the second he appeared inside the Boarding House but instead it was only dread because he knew Elena, Stefan and any other vampire wouldn’t be able to enter yet until the pesky traveler’s spell was undone. At first Damon had thought he had done something wrong, traveled to the wrong destination seeing as he had been greeted to an empty house, but a second later he heard footsteps, recognizing them coming from his bedroom. Brows furrowing in confusion but then pushing himself to walk down the private corridor leading up the stairs and towards his wing of the house.

It looks like you’re in hell without me, Damon, but this isn’t goodbye.

Halting his steps as he hears a more than familiar voice, and in less than a second he appears in his bedroom “Katherine” a hint of annoyance in his tone, but confusion on his expression wondering what the hell she’s doing here.  Steely blues remaining trained on her as she walks around his room and what he assumes to be surveying it “my baby bro might have been your first choice” he begins his words going unheard “but it’s safe to assume bathroom wise I win” he says with a slight chuckle “guessing you’re taking advantage of the fact that the Justice League of Idiots can’t return so you’re staking your claim on the house” seeing as that seems to be the only logical explanation that he can come up with.

Why must you run from me? Because I know you will chase.

One hundred and forty five years, over a century passed and the second she uttered such words he was brought straight back into the past. The night that he had proven to her his love and devotion by taking part in feeding on their own victim and then having her finally see him as worthy of being able to feed on her blood. Damon had recalled that night perfectly; finally she was giving him exactly what he wanted, eternity and a life with her. The blood hadn’t disgusted him, if anything the sweet ambrosia had been his sirens call in helping him get closer to Katherine, oh what a damn fool he had been, if only he had known the truth behind her words.

“Mocking the dead” scoffing slightly “that’s a sign of poor manners, besides I think you threw in my face countless times of how I was a stupid fool for loving you…let alone how I wasn’t even good enough to be loved by you” trying to ignore the bitterness in his voice, even after all these years past wounds still fresh as ever.

'I'm not a hero Damon, I don't do good. It's not in me but somewhere along the way, I decided that you were worth saving.' I’ve been running for 500 years, worn out so many good heels… all with the reward of knowing I have people looking out for me. It was real for me. Too little or too late, I loved you, Damon, and deep down inside I know there’s still something that lingers for me. We will be together again because I’m going to be the one who brings you back.. ”

Silence filling the room as Damon’s entire expression shifted. Different emotions flooding his features as he tries to process what she has just said, wondering if she was playing another game? No, no that couldn’t be no one was here to be played with. Damon had noted her speech recalling how he had said something quite familiar on Elena’s porch when he had first kissed Elena only later finding out it had been Katherine all along. Had she actually taken in his words? What the hell did this even mean? Shock clear on his expression as he watches her, his eyes never once moving away from her, studying her as he tried to figure her out. I never loved you Damon those words had haunted him for so long It was real for me….I loved you Damon those words alone causing him to question everything else she had ever told him it was always Stefan…..was that even true?

The night that Katherine had returned telling Damon she didn’t love him and that it was always Stefan his entire world had turned upside down and the very ground had been ripped from beneath him. Immediately he had realized he hadn’t died for love, he had died for a lie and his death had been meaningless. If this was true, if she actually felt this way then she was restoring one hundred and forty five years of past pain. Swallowing hard as he takes a step forward “Ka” never finishing his sentence though as he’s violently pulled back as the Boarding House fades from view only now to be met by what he fears most, darkness.



The burly and booming voice drawing Damon from his thoughts casting his attention towards the stair well catching sight of one of the disheveled prison guards, as he steps more into the light he recognizes it to be Moloch. Walking towards him he crouches down before sliding a plate of well he wasn’t sure inside the cell. Glancing at it before flicking his attention back towards Moloch “I think I’m going to have to make a complaint towards the Chef this” kicking it away from him with the sole of his boot “is not what I ordered.”

Before Damon has the chance to blink Moloch is in the cell, Damon’s face now pressed roughly against the cold stoned bricks as he releases a low hiss in pain.

“Not so tough now are you pretty boy” the guards warm breathe fanning Damon’s ear as he remains in his place. “It wasn’t a request, it was an order….you need to eat up….you’re going to need your energy for tonight” a dark chuckle slipping past his lips as he releases his hold on Damon backing up, and kicking the plate of food back towards Damon’s direction, slamming the cell shut behind him. Blood eyes meeting Damon’s baby blues causing Damon’s stomach to instantly drop knowing what’s to come next.

“Ýou fight tonight.”

Without another word the guard vanishes from sight, Damon’s face paling at the realization of what’s to come. His gaze shifting towards Isobel and even in the darkness he catches a look of sympathy on her features as she remains silent, watching him before casting her gaze away. Shifting his attention back downwards he sinks to the floor. Grasping the plate he lifts it to his nose inhaling the black sludge, the smell alone making him want to gag, but he pushes the feeling back remembering how he hasn’t really eaten, and he needs as much strength as possible if he’s going to make it out alive tonight, and without a seconds of hesitance he opens his mouth, tilting the plate as the contents slide down and begin to run their way down his throat. Once he’s finished he tosses the plate aside, moving back until his back rests against the brick wall, his head resting against it, eyes falling closed and praying that tonight works in his favor.

Dead or Alive.

Damon Salvatore has always been Elena’s rock, each time her world shattered around her his arms drew her into him. Even in the darkest of hours he was still able to make her feel some sense of hope, but now her love his gone, her best friend, her soul mate, her twin flame, and her rock.
When you’re gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you’re gone
The face I came to love is missing too 

Damon Salvatore has always been Elena’s rock, each time her world shattered around her his arms drew her into him. Even in the darkest of hours he was still able to make her feel some sense of hope, but now her love his gone, her best friend, her soul mate, her twin flame, and her rock.

When you’re gone

The pieces of my heart are missing you

When you’re gone

The face I came to love is missing too 

This needs to be added just because of the fact that Alaric is chilling on the dresser 

I'm bummed with the way they handled comforting. Caroline comforted Stefan, and Elena was comforted by Alaric shouldn't it have been SE?


Actually I must say I like the way that they brought in Alaric and had him be the one to comfort her. Alaric was like a second father figure to Elena, losing the man that she loved, that she wanted a future with completely broke her. The way she had been holding onto the post for dear life just shows how much she was craving for someone to comfort her, but once again Damon has always been that person to provide her with such comfort and reassurance. When you’re upset how ever, and breaking apart you always look to your mom or father for comfort and the second that Alaric made himself known she crashed into him, it reminded me of how a child reacts after bawling their eyes out and finally being in the arms of their mother or father. She needed family with her, and Alaric is family.

As for Caroline and Stefan I think they handled that well because we’ve seen through this season that these two have become each other’s rocks so it only seems fitting that they be the ones to grieve and break down together. 

Outside Looking In

A black abyss is what he is greeted to. He no longer can tell between darkness and light and he half wonders if that even happens here. It feels as if it’s drawn out, one long day, countless hours just stuck and lost in his own thoughts. There are times where he sees a show displayed out in front of him, past memories of past sins he had committed, sins that led him to this eternal hell. Other times he is punished by getting a behind the scenes look into his loved ones lives. Each time Stefan, Alaric, Jeremy, Elena or anyone else has him cross their mind he is brought to them watching as they cope, handling his death. The worst punishment by far is seeing both his brother and Elena. Stefan trying to put up a front that he’s alright, but at night, isolated from everyone else he watches as his brother falls to his knees and wails in pain. Elena is a whole other story, she refuses to accept that he is dead, she pushes those who try to comfort her away and he watches as she slowly picks up on his quirks, his snark, sarcasm and dry humor. Somedays he finds her in the Grill now sitting in Alaric’s spot, and an empty seat beside her, his spot, a spot she refuses to give up. She’s picked up on his drinking habits, a tumbler of bourbon always beside her, and draped over her shoulders is his signature leather jacket. If it wasn’t so damn depressing he’d find it hot, but instead of wearing the jacket to show she’s taken, she wears it because it’s the closest she will be to him, she clings to it and there are times he can see her frustration when she realizes his familiar scent is slowly fading. Time and time again he watches her fall into defeat and he watches her break. All he wants to do is rush to her side, draw her into his arms and never let her go, but he can’t, because he’s dead. She doesn’t even feel his presence or hear his voice when he tells her this isn’t how she is supposed to live, instead she is met only by silence and it kills him. He no longer can offer her the comfort he was so use to giving and he can no longer give her words of reassurance that everything is going to be alright. No, all he can do is stand there and watch the ones he loves break, because he’s stuck and he’s on the outside looking in.


That was amazing, I missed Datherine!

Glad that you liked it. I appreciate the feedback, and I thought it would be a logical reason to introduce her back into the story ;)

Kiss My Eyes & Lay Me to Sleep

Title: Kiss My Eyes & Lay Me to Sleep

Summary: All the events of 5x22 have happened. Being the white knight disguised as the dark knight Damon sacrifices his life to bring back his brother and save his town, his home. Unfortunately for Damon everything does not go as planned, because instead of returning back with the others Damon finds himself stuck on the other side. Bidding his goodbye to the woman he loves he joins Bonnie, but instead of journeying along with her he finds himself separated from her and ends up someplace else. Where you ask? Find out and read, and who knows maybe you might stumble upon a familiar face.

Author’s Note: This is what I had hoped would happen with the finale. I was finally able to watch it today, I thought it was a great ending, definitely drew out the emotions, but this right here was on my wishlist.

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Unfortunately I can’t be as active on here as I usually am, but I am not leaving you. Life has been busy, but I was finally able to watch the finale, I’ve been working on a one shot for a while now, today I watched the finale giving me the chance to complete it.

It’s a bit different, but you guys are in for one hell of a ride, anyone interested in reading it ;)

TVD: Don’t Say You’re a Fan If You’re Going to Protest

What is the nicest way that one can go about saying this? Actually now that I think about it there’s not, do I care that I’ll sound like an ass? Not particularly. The thing is it’s getting quite annoying with fans throwing a tantrum over the show and saying how they will no longer watch the show. Newsflash idiots you don’t watch the show then guess what it goes bye, bye. I’m sorry to tell you that the characters in this show are not real so stop putting so much effort into it, stop recording yourselves having a mental break down because your character is dead. Everyone is so quick to swoon over Ian and Paul yet saying you’re not going to watch an episode because you don’t like how it sounds, or your couple isn’t together? That’s sad. Don’t call yourself a fan, because supporting your actors consists of watching the show whether or not its in your favor. Also don’t be a damn idiot Stefan and Damon are the Salvatore brother’s the show wouldn’t be the same because they are both important to the show, so stop your whining, they always come back.

Nothing left to do but run II Delena


     Could a plan ever work out for the best? Could things ever just be easy? Mystic Falls was quickly becoming nothing like the town she had known on her life. Honestly she still found it hard to believe how much things had  changed. To go from a town where nothing bad ever happens to a town where it’s rare that something bad isn’t happening. Their most recent predicament came in the form of travelers. A group that their motives to her weren’t fully clear. What she did know, was that they needed the blood of the last doppelgangers for their spell. They needed Stefan and herself, which of course meant they had to do whatever necessary to keep that from happening. Even before all the travelers came to town, Elena couldn’t stand them. Which was understandable. Thanks to  a traveler Katherine was put inside her body. She had been possessed and to be honest, she was just lucky that she hadn’t disappeared for good. Travelers weren’t good news, whatever they needed her and Stefan for, they weren’t going to win. Not if she could help it. 

   A sigh broke through Elena’s lips, there had been an unfortunate change of plans as the last minute. Staying at the cabin, they all thought they’d be safe. But thanks to Enzo and taking Luke temporary out of the picture, and in doing so the cloaking spell that kept them hidden. Trying to wait things out and see what happened. That would have been a mistake on their parts. Packing as quickly and lightly as possible, plans were made…plans that Elena(much to her frustration) had no part of. What she knew, said plans involved getting out of dodge, far enough away that it required them going to an airport. The further she was from town, the safe she’d be, in theory that sounded about right. But to be honest, at least right now…Elena wasn’t feeling any better. The random brochure she had grabbed off the tickets attendant counter before boarding the plane. Well let’s just say those few minutes in her hands, it was barley recognizable now the way she was twisting it, her nerves getting the best of her. 

         There were a million and one reasons for her to be worried. Her mind practically a jumbled mess with everything going on inside. “Do you really think they’ll be okay?” The never ending silence between herself and Damon finally broken. Not a word had been uttered, not in the car ride here…not in any of the lines and certainly not in the waiting area where they passed the time until the plane arrived. She kept herself busy by sending messages to Caroline and Stefan. Her own personal assurance to know nothing had happened to either of them on their way to wherever Caroline was taking them. Her question, though she was worried about those two as well, it was about those they were leaving behind in Mystic Falls. What if the travelers went after them. What if something happened while they were gone. She bare the thought of losing Jeremy or Bonnie, or Matt or Tyler. 

         Resisting the urge to sigh once more, a dark strand of hair was tucked behind her ear. Along with her concerns, there were other things on her mind. The guilt of everything that had happened with Enzo, guilt for having to lie to Damon about it. Then there was confusion.The kiss, on top of everything else, what did it mean, if anything. Damon said he was having a bad day. Understandable, at this point who among them wasn’t having a bad day. Going back to twisting the tangled mess of paper in her hands to keep herself from brushing her lips. “Thank you…” A frown crossed her features, glancing down because she couldn’t quite bring herself to look at him. “This kind of is probably not what you had in mind when you wanted nothing to do with me. You didn’t have to come but you did anyway…” 


Could he ever have a day of peace? Considering the past and hell recent events he was beginning to think peace and him could not cohabitate with each other. Had this been his punishment for his dangerous, reckless, and sinful past? Honestly he no longer knew because it seemed even after he had been transitioned his future had been doomed and filled with heart ache in one form or another. What had started off as a blissful summer between him and Elena had taken an awful turn for the worst which mostly included the fact that the universe itself couldn’t stand the thought of Damon and Elena together. No, no apparently the great beyond seemed to enjoy laughing at him considering they were all for shipping his brother and Elena together, because apparently they had been fated for each other from the start. Even now Damon couldn’t exactly wrap his head around it seeing as Damon and Stefan had been born in the 1864 era so how the hell could Stefan have met Elena? If anything wouldn’t it have made more sense for that Tim….Tom guy to be the one considering they lived in the same time frame? Fuck it if he knew, the whole outline seemed ludicrous to him, and what most would consider a romantic notion being fated to be with someone from the start Damon viewed it as a curse. Wasn’t a person supposed to have free will on their heart? Love who they wanted to love and as odd as it seemed he felt his and Elena’s story was the stuff of legend seeing as they were fighting against the universe for their love.

Then again as he had told Elena that night on the steps his and her relationship had been doomed from the start.  From start to end, and the more pain he experienced the more he began to accept the fact that when it came to him finding happiness it wasn’t written in the cards. Damon had allowed himself to rip out the remaining sliver of happiness when he had told Elena that he no longer wanted her to be in his life. It hadn’t been true; hell no seeing as what seemed like so long ago he had passionately stated how she was his life. It had killed him to tell her he wanted her gone when all he had wanted to do was draw her straight into his arms and never let her go, but he couldn’t, because she wanted something even he wasn’t strong enough to give. Friendship, friendship, how dare she even suggest such a thing, he wasn’t Matt, he couldn’t get over the simple bump in the road and move on, and he sure as hell couldn’t stand by and watch some other idiot charm her. Did she actually think he could do that? It had been hell on his heart standing on the sidelines time and time again watching Stefan and Elena reunite and find their way back into love. Now however though since Damon had gotten a taste of happiness he couldn’t accept friendship when all he wanted was her. Since he knew that wasn’t in the realm of possibilities he took the easy way out, cutting her out of his life because he couldn’t be strong enough to be in her presence. He couldn’t get lost in those brown doe orbs that spoke volumes even when she was silent. He couldn’t put himself through the sight of her so close within his reach as he’d relive every memory of their bodies joining together, and he sure as hell couldn’t come into contact with her causing him to relish in the way her body molded perfectly into his, making it seem as if her body had been made for him and only him. No, he refused to put himself through that, the pain that he carried within those words had hurt, not seeing her would hurt like hell, but it was far better than having to deal with the pain of being near her.

Once again Damon’s eyes had glanced up towards the night sky scowling at the universe and wondering if it was having a good laugh at his expense seeing as this whole day had been a joke. Retreating off to the cabin with the doppelgangers and Blondie Forbes to keep Stefan and Elena safe from the pesky travelers, Damon had sensed something was up each time he had been alone with Elena, she had been acting as if he was the plague each time they were alone, but what he had picked up on most is whenever Enzo had been brought up Elena would make slightly tense up and then use whatever excuse in the book to flee from him. Stefan had been a little tougher to crack, which had resulted in him and Caroline shockingly being diabolical together, both for different reasons. Him wanting to know what they were keeping from him about Enzo and Caroline still stuck in the past hoping old flames were reuniting. The game hadn’t been all that helpful and once again Elena had retreated leaving the conversation. It had only been a few minutes when he had heard her shout his name, her tone complete in panic and without wasting a second he had bolted from his spot heading towards the bathroom. When he had entered he had rushed over to the tub only to see Elena struggling against well herself. It had taken him mentioning the ghost of Bill Forbes to finally get her to crack, revealing the secret that she and Stefan had been holding from him, Enzo was dead.

A vengeful ghost he had made a promise with to bring back his beloved was what it took for his cell mate to finally stop with his haunting. All he had wanted to do was forget about every negative emotion coursing through him and for a small fraction of a second as he gave into his selfish desires, drawing Elena into a kiss he had gotten exactly that. Unfortunately though for Damon that bubble of peace had been popped the moment he pulled away and ushered her into the car so that they could make their quick escape before the pesky and nasty pain in the ass traveler’s closed in on them. Stefan and Caroline had parted ways promising to stay in contact with each other to give up to date info. Though the plan had been to stay together Damon realized it wasn’t the wisest plan considering the Traveler’s wanted both Stefan and Elena, they’d have more of an advantage against them if they separated which is exactly what they did. Driving was out of the question, though the Traveler’s were powerful they couldn’t just appear in seconds, they’d have to take the trip just like everyone else, the farther away from Mystic Falls the better the odds. It had been that reason that had caused Damon to head towards the airport figuring they could buy or compel themselves plane tickets, and head far away as possible.  Leaving his precious Carmen in the airport parking lot had been difficult for him to do, but he bit the bullet, grabbing his and Elena’s things, not looking back and heading directly towards the airport entrance.

The drive had been spent in silence with Damon contemplating what should be done and where they should go, not to mention he had still been thinking about that kiss wondering if it had been the smartest of things to do. Soon they’d be boarding the plane making them in close proximity which had caused him to tell her to wait for him while he’d handle everything, needing at least some distance from her. Damon had contemplated on where to go deciding that the more people the easier to blend in, with one look cast in Elena’s direction he could see she was struggling keeping herself in check because she was worrying about others. Just because this is hell on you doesn’t mean you have to make it hell on her…you can at least try and make this enjoyable his inner voice says as he steps forward and begins to chat with the attendant, using compulsion to make the process of getting a flight much simpler, and of course only settling for the best as he winks at her as she hands him the first class boarding passes, deciding to keep the location disclosed from Elena.

“They’ll be fine” breaking the silence at her question as he flicks his baby blues at her “I know it’s not the most promising turn of events but it’s better to keep” lowering his voice “the doppelgangers separated….the pesky Traveler’s are expecting us to travel in packs….playing cat and mouse with them they won’t expect it.” Taking a step forward as they enter more into the Boarding line, his gaze occasionally fixing around just to make sure they aren’t being followed. The moment that they had been escorted into First Class his gaze once again did a quick sweep around the plane, his body somewhat relaxing noting everything was okay for now once we’re up in the air….off the ground I’ll be better. Settling down Damon had given Elena the window seat, taking the isle, his gaze landing on the practically beaten and crumpled brochure in her hands. Thank you his head lifting once again to meet her gaze, brow raised at her statement still not understanding why she to this day thanks him for saving her life don’t thank me for wanting you to be safe….I can’t live my life without you biting back the words as he gives a simple nod of his head. ”Yeah well couldn’t have you going on a romantic destination with my baby bro” he flatly states, wincing at his nonchalant tone, closing his eyes for a brief moment “safer this way” he finally adds in before staring straight ahead as the flight attendant begins to explain the do’s and don’ts.

Once protocol is done his gaze shifts out the window as the plane begins to make its way down the runway. Though Damon was known for being the bass ass, planes weren’t his thing which is why whenever he had the chance driving was the way to go. Chancing a glance in Elena’s direction he sees her head resting back against the seat, eyes tightly closed and hands gripping the arm rest and it’s safe to say he can see the feeling is mutual when it comes to flying. All he wants to do is tell her that it’s okay, but he finds himself lacking words, so instead after a mini internal debate with himself he ever so hesitantly slides his hand towards hers, setting it atop hers, lacing their fingers together, giving her hand a soft and reassuring squeeze hoping that she understands this is his silent way of telling her that he’s here.