Tit for Tat? As a Katherine Stan I find that a little insulting. Katherine was never that horrible to Damon. She brought him the cure when he was on his death bed and she didn't torture him. She never tried to kill him either.


I meant as a whole dynamic. They like to hurt each other to get a reaction because reactions come from those who care. What Damon did to her on her deathbed was HORRIBLE. I stan Katherine as well, so I know where you are coming from. She has been horrible to him but she has also been amazing to him and I think it has worked both ways but Damon was… Damon was something else in season 5. Beyond cruel and I don’t condone what he did to her at all but we all know she would have hurt him back because that is how they are. 

I agree with you on this Damon and Katherine’s relationship has always been based on one upping the other. Each one shot that I do with this couple I try and focus on back tracking their past schemes. 

  • Katherine telling Damon she didn’t love him
  • Damon locking her in the tomb
  • Katherine not telling him about the dagger 
  • Damon staking her in the chest 

You then go onto the more serious matters 

  • Damon destroying Katherine by playing with her paranoia’s and blaming her for her families death
  • Katherine playing with Damon’s fears by ending things with him as “Elena” deeming him to a monster and everything else he suffered after that 

This has always been a back and forth volley between these two characters and yet in some twisted ass way they care for each other. They’ve had the opportunity to kill the other but they never fully go through with it. Damon can say he despises her all he wants but when Katherine called out his name as Luca was attacking her he got there fast and you could see the worry in his eyes. Yes he brought her the vervain to have pull over her, but he still was keeping her protected. Katherine had the option of freedom twice, first she didn’t need to deliver Klaus’s blood, could have left, and second she didn’t need to tell Stefan about Klaus’s plan. Katherine could have used it to her advantage, she’d had been free, Damon’s death would hav been collateral damage and she could have used it to comfort Stefan. For someone quick to say “always Stefan” she hasn’t done any sacrifices such as that for him. 

These two are complicated, but it makes their story all the more interesting. 

what do you think of ikki thanking a nina hater for 'bringing positivity to the world'??

Think it’s the most comical thing in the world. The one who preaches how love is louder and how bullying is an awful thing in actuality is one of the biggest instigators of this fandom when it comes to hate. 

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Never stop bro. Ever. That whole thing was perfect. I love Ian, I do, but this whole thing with Nikki, doesn't seem legit. By the time TVD is over; they will be too

I know that I piss lots of fan girl’s off by my straight forward answer, but I’m not going to bull shit this, and thank you. 

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Now that that’s done time to catch up on replies, and can’t stress this enough I will answer other questions, but right now I’m putting a pause on it. 

Let the Mayhem Commence….

I’m not psychic, but I don’t need to be psychic to recognize after this post someone is going to want to serve my head on a platter, and am I going to tremble in fear because of it? No, no I’ll actually be quite amused because this entire fandom is entertaining.  

Ian, Ian, Ian considering this is in writing I’ll tell you that I’m making a “tsk, tsk” sound because you just  threw yourself into deep shit after that little stunt you pulled. Need I remind you that Google can be a blessing and a curse, and in your case it’s a curse because thanks to this search engine and way too many involved investigators you’ve been proven wrong.

“4 or 5 times” in regards to Nikki and Nina “knowing each other” now if you were getting interviewed I’d shine that nagging bright light in your face and ask if you’re sure you don’t want to retract your statement. People that I’ve stumbled upon four or five times I don’t consider close this means if I was to have a birthday my ass wouldn’t be inviting them because to me they are still in the “stranger” zone unless of course someone close to me asked if they could have them tag along, then fine. If you come to my party and we don’t know each other well be sure to sit in the back because the people I want sitting right beside me are the ones who I consider myself most close to.

If I’m having a huge ass blow out birthday party I do not want you texting me and telling me you are going to “crash” it and randomly show up. My deepest apologies person I met five times but I don’t consider you that special to be at my party. I want my closest friends and family there because I just want to have a good time, and I want everyone to get along.

If I’m getting hitched and my bride to be asks me to give my list guest list of names on who I want to be there during our special day you sure as hell won’t be getting an invite, because I don’t know you that well and by not inviting you that’s saving us money and an extra seat at the table.

Yes if you haven’t connected the dots yet these are just some examples on how well Nina and Nikki know each other, and yes this is exactly what fans have been pointing out. You dug yourself into a deeper hole Ian and that’s all on you my friend.

This is the part where I’m going to get my ass crucified but it needs to be said. Ian is a grown ass man, he’s thirty five years old and he was actually squabbling with what I can assume are children on Instagram.  Yeah, yeah he was preaching love, and that’s admirable and all but come on. You seriously telling me this guy has nothing better to do than stalk her account and wait for the first hate comment? I admit what that child said on her page was rude, but take in what I just said she and all the others are children and he’s literally getting into it with them.

The second Nikki’s picture was posted that comment was posted a second later and a second after that he was responding. What the hell man were you literally just waiting for the first hateful comment to be posted so you could swoop in and save the day?

I can’t even begin to understand how stressful it must be on both their ends, and I do feel for them and they sure as hell don’t deserve any of this but this is way past ludicrous and moving towards the route of pathetic.  Was Ian actually on her page, did she text him to tell him she was being harassed or did she turn around stick out her lower lip and pout how she was being picked on by little brats who have nothing better to do?

You guys are grown ass adults start acting like it. Yeah they don’t deserve hate, but guess what we aren’t living in a sunshine and happy go lucky world, people don’t shit out rainbows they shit out shit,  there are people out there that are immature assholes and Nikki and Ian have to endure it, sucks, but not much can be done.  Move past it. If it’s affecting you that much then put your profile on private or disable comments or here’s a thought since they never respond to comments anyways (except hate) don’t look at them. At the end of the day are they really going to let a bunch of kids rule them? If so then that’s sad.

Nina and Paul get hated on so much, people are always saying how Ian is better than Paul hell even Phoebe gets harassed but do they respond to it? No they are the bigger person. I’m sure they see it, and I’m sure it stings but they don’t make it known because they swallow their pride and get over it. Nikki preaches shit about how love is louder well if loves is louder either glance away from the shit that is being said or confront it head on.

What the hell is the point of this anyways? Everyone is well aware about bullying what’s their next move? Both are going to appear on Sesame Street and sing along with Elmo how love is louder “sing it loud, sing it proud, love is louder than hate what do we appreciate, love, love just give it a great big hug” come on guys. Everyone is well aware of the negativity in this world your preaching and positive vibes can only do so much but it’s not enough to get people in this fandom to stop, because some just are locked in “drive” and not planning slow down anytime soon, accept it and move on from it.

God and Gandhi himself couldn’t institute full on peace and 140 characters or less won’t solve the problem anytime soon.

People say that they like asking for my opinions because I’m a guy and I give you a straightforward no bullshit answer, and from the many, many re-blogs my posts get clearly others agree so here is my thoughts on Ian responding.  Something about that comment was enough to target and draw him in “Nina” was mentioned as was the fact that her and Nikki were “close” now if I had been in his place and saw that then the reason why I would have commented back is because of guilty conscious. Something about that comment especially from a fan would have struck me because maybe I’ve felt accountable about that, but brushed it off and seeing someone throw that exact thought out there was enough for me to strike. Adding in the “4-5” and “PSA” enough to cover my ass and reassure me that what I did wasn’t wrong. That is just how I’d feel, and I’m sure he didn’t go through that thought process, I’m sure his was completely different reasoning, but the fact of the matter is he did two shady ass things. The first bringing up Nina’s name into the conversation, and yes I understand that this person was the first to bring her up but Ian easily could have ignored it. What he did was unprofessional, not once has Nina commented on Nikki or Ian she’s being professional about it, but he’s acting like he doesn’t understand the meaning of respect, which is ironic considering he’s always the one talking about it. That’s your ex and by bringing her into the situation you are letting the media shed light on her. I’m surprised the media outlet has yet to bring up this story, because if they get word of it you bet your ass they will involve Nina, because people like drama.  The second shady thing he did was “bullshit” it by saying something that isn’t true. The Twilight and Vampire Diaries cast have known each other since both projects began and they have hung out numerous times.  I think in that moment he failed to realize Google would come and bite him in the ass.

“If you don’t like Nikki then you don’t like me”

You fucking kidding me

Go take a time out

The second that I saw this the first thing I pictured was two kids on the playground one playing with a toy and the other one asking if he could use it, the first kid saying no and the second kid saying “if you don’t let me play with that toy we’re not friends anymore.”

Thirty five years old getting into it with children and acting like you’re having a tantrum, revaluate your life choices man because maybe to others you’re looking like some hero, but you’re also having fans who actually see right past your façade and are seeing you in a different light, by these fans I mean the ones who see past the “he’s a god” cliché. People are allowed to not like someone as long as that person isn’t being rude or sending hate then they are still respecting their idol.

This guy use to embrace privacy and now he’s all for the pap’s he and Nikki have only love for the paps. Not saying that their relationship is PR it is in-fact real, and they are happy “I’ve never been happier” but the fact is they certainly love the attention they get from it. Every new weekend there is a story surfacing about them which I don’t even understand because they aren’t even A-lister’s. Since they didn’t have enough time to call paps in Vegas did Ian respond just so they could once again be in the spot light? I mean this couple legit has a story published about them every weekend, Nikki also is papped more frequently now which is comical considering her Twilight cast who had lots of screen time isn’t photographed as much as she is. Let’s state the obvious she’s in the spot light more now because of who she’s dating and I’m sure she’s enjoying every minute of it, and there is nothing wrong with that, but seriously everyone understands and is well aware they are in fact together, no need to shove this relationship down people’s throats.  If you “desire” privacy Ian then stop throwing yourself in the spot light so damn much.

Alright finished….

Hopefully everyone’s questions were answered in this long ass post. Once again like I stated before I will gladly take questions but now that I posted this taking a break from this shit fest and going back to role playing.

 I look forward to the angry Somereed mob that will present itself on their multiple accounts you guys all have a good day, and keep telling Ian’s girlfriend that he shouldn’t drink red bull because it’s not healthy. I’m sure a thirty five year old grown ass man appreciates you telling him something he most likely already is aware of. 

Is it a guy’s point of view is that why people come to my inbox and ask? Whatever the reason may be I woke up to nine messages in inbox some from actual accounts and others from anon’s. They pretty much summed up are all one question so rather than continuously answering the same crap I’ll be posting one post. 

God bless you. Literally. Thank you so mich for analyzing that picture the way the show actually meant it to be. The fandom kills me for not analyzing things and assuming what things mean all the time and my dash has been a bitch all day to be on from seeing assumptions and hate on the show that makes ni sense if you actually analyze. So thank you for that. Really.

With the recent past days I’ve come to the conclusion that this fandom analyzes things way too damn much. Glad I could be of help.  

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With the chaos that had ensued today TVD must have gotten the alert to distract the fandom by publishing this.

Move On

So far from the synopsis of this season they seem to be really focusing on moving on, and just for the hell of it I’d like to interpret this poster and the characters.

Stelena:  Fans are thinking because they are holding hands it symbolizes them being together, but that’s not it at all. Stefan is pulling Elena with him while she is looking back and focused on something different entirely. Some fans were pissed when they found out that Stefan was moving on after his brother’s death, but then a spoiler surfaced saying Stefan has been looking for ways to bring back his brother. Stefan’s gaze is determined, because he is determined to get his eldest brother back. 

Elena: Elena’s gaze is like she’s doing a backward glance, looking for Damon. We all know from the trailer that she is not handling his death well at all by using the witchy ju-ju to hallucinate Damon. So in this maybe she’s looking over her shoulder because she’s just that desperate to see him. 

Bamon: Bonnie has accepted death, she has accepted her fate and she wants to honor her Gram’s sacrifice so most likely she won’t be trying to get back to the land of the living. She’s holding onto Damon trying to draw him back to her, back to accepting that he is dead and he’s not going back. Damon has that look of determination reflecting in his expression and we know he will always choose Elena. Damon told Elena that he would never leave her again and since then he hadn’t broken his promise even after she had turned and chosen Stefan. Damon made another promise that he’d return back to her, and even in death and the great beyond it still won’t keep him from being away from her. Damon intends to keep his promise to Elena and he will do anything and everything to see it through. 

Caroline: Blondie Forbes has always been the character that keeps everyone together, she is the glue to this group because her optimism and cheery attitude is what gives the rest hope. In this though she’s on the ground almost as if she’s carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and it’s weighing her down. She lost her best friend, and now she’s watching those she loves suffering, and that’s something she’s never taken joy in. No matter how hard she tries to keep everyone together they are breaking apart and she keeps getting knocked down. 

Alaric: Now he has to deal with being back a live deal with the guilt of somewhat taking Damon’s place and have to see two people he considers family suffer. Alaric also needs to deal with being back in the human world as a Vampire. Alaric is behind Elena walking towards her I feel like he is going to really need to take over the role of father figure and be there for her, but considering it’s Elena and she’s reckless it’s not going to be a real walk in the park. I also feel if she does find a “fraction” of hope to bring Damon back Alaric will be the one behind her on this, he’s going to help. 

Matt & Tyler: Tyler needs to deal with being “human” again and no longer having the ability to control when he’s going to turn. I feel like he’s going to retreat back to season 1 Tyler who was a douche and very reckless not giving a crap what trouble he caused. The full moon behind them could also symbolize something especially with the way he’s posed almost like he’s getting ready to get on all fours. Matt is standing proud and straight he’s had so much crap happen to him and yet he’s still the same guy and he’s still the Golden Boy saving the day and sacrificing his happiness for others, maybe that will get tested. Matt looks like he is ready for battle, feel like he’s going to have more of a story line this season, I hope he does.

Enzo: No damn clue what he’s doing, he’s standing behind Stefan and Elena to were their hands are interlocked. Maybe he’s going to try to break their bond? Is he still being vengeful for what Damon did? 

Jeremy: I feel as if Jeremy will fall back into his stoned days, minus the black nail polish. When he lost his parents he lost himself, and now that he lost Bonnie it’s almost as if he’s given up. Jeremy is all the way in the back, staggering to keep up with everyone else.

Delena: Zero in on the body language and both their hands are outstretched for each other. This shows they are both reaching for each other in the realm of death and in the land of the living. Both their goals they are focusing on is reuniting with one another. 

There are two clock towers does this mean that Bonnie and Damon are in an alternate universe? Julie said where Damon and Bonnie are going will be familiar to the fans, but it’s new. Each clock says the same time, is this a sign for something? For their return or when someone’s time comes to an end? Is time frozen were they are? Is it a Supernatural Groundhog day type limbo they are stuck in?

Either way this season has a hell of a lot of potential and I’m really hoping that it stays that way.

Somehow now it’s turned itself into this, lets see what happens when part 3 is done

Working on an edit right now. Trying to make the fog symbolic and everything. Lets see how this goes.