Tip of the day it wasn’t love if they don’t even fight for you.

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I guess this is goodbye.


I guess it’s time to hang up my boots as Miss Katherine Pierce, or heels I should say, because I don’t see how I can possibly move forward, when I ask people to roleplay with me, I seemingly get ignored and it kinda hurts. Kat has been such a big comfort to play since losing my gran in January just 3 months back to Colon cancer and it’s a shame it’s had to come to this, but I hate being ignored and I guess it’s how this has to be. And no one really asks to roleplay with me. I totally understand how hard it must be because there are so many Katherine’s and I totally get that. But I just, meh. I don’t think I fit here anymore. Sorry. Bye guys, and bye to the elusive and brilliant, Miss Katherine Pierce. Maybe we’ll meet again someday soon, we’ll see.
Lots of love -

Alright I will not allow this to happen. This girl is a fantastic role player, I don’t just role play with anyone, you need to draw me in and she has. Make sure her ass doesn’t leave, follow her, start a plot with her, you won’t regret it. I’m doing the “Returning from Hell” verse with her and it completely hits me in the feels, do NOT let talent like this walk away. FOLLOW, PLOT, DO SOMETHING 

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” return?


   ”Who let you in?
             I was pretty sure I never said come in.”


     Head turned slowly as she looked at the familiar figure in the door way. She didn’t have visitors anymore, she closed herself off a lot despite the fact that she tried to be herself here and there. She was pretty sure he wasn’t coming back and yet— here he was.

“Wow” mocking a look of offence “and here I thought we had history, here I thought you knew m oh so well” he drawls out. A hint of bitterness in his tone but covered in a teasing manner. “If you knew me well then you’d be more than aware that I am not the type to listen and do what they are told.” 

Icy blues remain transfixed on her. Taking in her every expression and of course taking a moment to take in her appearance still has the power to bring light into a room he thinks to himself “so do I get a hello…..a kiss perhaps” he teases with an arched brow. 


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why would you reblog that caroline scene and not tag it right ? is it really that hard to tag tw: self harm ????? now im triggered beyond belief and I just — I’m done . 

Stop, take a second and breathe, build a fucking snow man with me

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Anonymous asked: The thing about delena ( and it's fine but I don't think Elena will truly be happy with out it) is I don't think they can have the family and the life Elena has ALWAYS wanted. It makes more sense for Stefan and Elena to have that instead. If they did delena like in the books and had actually developed Damon more then they have, he's had some but not nearly enough which bugs me so much, Elena and Damon could have that life but this delena can't unless Plec changes something with them

I do agree with you on some parts, but the thing is she’s too far gone to go back to living simply, she’s experienced so much already that is eye opening. The only way I can see if ever working is if she doesn’t remember being a vampire, then she can be all happy go lucky.

I would have been fine with SE happiness but then they killed off Katherine so the whole DK hope was killed

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Anonymous asked: if alaric and enzo were being held captive, tortured who would you rescue? (knowing you could only rescue one of them) and the one you don't rescue will continue to be tortured for as long as they lived.

This is an awful question. Torn between two Bad Ass’s. Well look here’s the deal they both mean, I give a rat’s ass about them both, but the thing is if Alaric was still alive I’d be rescuing Ric because he’d be human, yes Enzo would be tortured but at least he’d heal.

I guess silver lining I’ll never have to go through this…

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Anonymous asked: i'm inclined to say you're a shit brother. Agreed?

By shit you mean terrible brother? Since I’ve put my Saint of a brother though so much chaos and what not.

Or shit as in I’m literally the shit, because option two sounds more pleasing.

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Anonymous asked: What's your sexual fantasy that you haven't done yet?


One of those dark and kinky fantasies is sadly no longer an option, but I suppose doing it in a church, specifically in a confession chamber would prove to be entertaining, forgive me father for I have sinned, the whole get on your knees, I’ll stop now

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Anonymous asked: if you could trade your life for alaric's would you do it?

In a heart beat. He was the closest to family that they had, one hell of a better guardian than my ass. 

If I had that choice I’d gladly take it no question, he was one of the good guys, good guys deserve a second chance, not the bad guys, not me. 

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Anonymous asked: do you think you will truly be able to let elena go?

I can barely process doing so, you really think I’d be able to actually and truly let her go? Save that question for another day, shall we?

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