Delena || Lakeside Love



"Well I would say you wouldn’t make me, but we both know that’s not true. Because you’ve done it before and you weren’t gentle about it either." Her noes srunched up. Resisting the urge to stick her tongue out at him like a kid as she spoke. What felt like forever ago, but she remembered it just like it happened yesterday. Dragging Ric along on her search for Stefan, much to her own frustration he had called Damon for backup. Needless to say Damon wasn’t pleased with her plan and he made sure he knew that the second he arrived. Shoving her into the water that time there had been nothing enjoyable about it, but he had been rough about it and she was still only human back then. Now far more durable, she imagined he would have no problem using a similar tactic. 

Playfully rolling her eyes, with a small shake of her head. “I hope though it doesn’t have to come to that.” Of course she planned on swimming but she wasn’t about to admit to that at the moment. Always known for being stubborn, she didn’t want it looking like she was giving in simply because he was giving her no choice. No need to let him think he could get his way so easily. Not if she could help it anyway.

Now all that aside, she was quiet for a few moments. Her offer to help still there, or at least it was until he turned her down. There was nothing she could do. He had to do all the work. Even if it was something as simple as this, he loved to spoil her. “You’re kidding right?” Tone completely serious, she scoffed. “That’s too hard, you’re asking way too much of me.” Sarcasm laced her tone and she was grinning by the end. The telltale sign that was completely full of it. Stand there and look pretty. A simple task, or so he seemed to think. 

She stepped closer to the blanket, leaning over a bit, an attempt to try an see inside the basket beside him. What he had brought was still a mystery to her. Well most of this was actually. He made the plans, got everything ready, and just told her where they were going. That’s about it, thought she supposed she was lucky to have even got just that. Then again, he probably knew she wouldn’t have been all that comfortable leaving Jeremy, and not knowing how far away from him she would be. 

Breakfast…Watching him open the bloodbag, the smell reached her and instantly her mouth began to water. An uncontrollably reaction, most cases when it came to blood she never realized how badly she wanted it until it was within reach. The hunger always there in the back of her mind but easier to ignore when it wasn’t being offered to her obviously. She was going to disagree with him but decided against him, instead taking the glass he held out to her. “Thank you.” Sitting down beside him required no effort on her part. “You do know though, and this isn’t trying to thwart your master plan of getting me in the water. But you’re supposed to wait like 30 minutes to swim after eating.” Hardly being serious, that rule she had a feeling didn’t apply to blood as a food source or to vampires in general. The comment made simply to get a reaction out of him. 

An instant smile showcasing on his lips “touché” well aware of what exactly she was hinting at “in my defense though” mockingly raising his hands in surrender “you had it coming.” Damon had recalled that day perfectly some little voice in the back of his head playing on repeat telling him how he should go check on Elena considering she wasn’t know for listening, but he hadn’t. Maybe if Andi hadn’t died at the hands of his younger brother he would have listened to his inner voice and kept watch of Elena, but thankfully thanks to Alaric and the bro code a simple text of the location was all it took for Damon to get there just in the nick of time. Damon didn’t even want to think of what the results would have been had he not showed up. “I just want to say that still to this day I can perfectly hear your scream of surprise as you rocketed into the lake…..ahhhhhh” he imitates, chuckling in amusement “of course it sounded much higher….and girlier.”  Lips pursed together for a dramatic moment before answering her “as long as you get that cute and delicious” wiggling his brows suggestively “ass in the water then you won’t need to worry about it coming to that” he supplies with a devilish smirk.  

The smirk that Damon had been sporting turned to a full on grin matching her own smile as the two teased each other “oh yes” scoffing as he shakes his head “it must be so difficult for you to look like that….being the definition of stunning among so many other things.” I love you h e wanted to say it, hell he wanted to announce it to the whole entire world and he knew if he said it she’d say it back which caused his dead heart to race, but he didn’t want to be clingy….I don’t want to be the Edward Cullen of Vampires pledging my love to her every five minutes….in my defense though I finally got the girl, and that’s something new for me.

With Elena taking a step forward and leaning over trying to catch a peak of what’s inside the basket it causes Damon to pull out of his thoughts quickly closing the lid “ah….ah….ah” he scolds “naughty….naughty” clicking his tongue and sending her a sly smirk. Once the blood is introduced he watches as Elena’s attention is instantly drawn to the glass that he offers her. “Of course” smiling at her as she takes a seat beside him on the blanket, his free hand that isn’t holding the glass reaching out to rest atop hers as he intertwines their fingers together “is that so” he asks cocking his brow perfectly to the side “well if that’s the case then I’m sure we can come up with other activities to do to pass the time” he slyly states as the pad of his thumb lightly caresses her knuckles.

“We should make a toast” he suggests as he lifts the glass up “to us” he begins clearing his throat deciding to not be cheeky with the speech, but actually genuine. “Time has always been an obstacle for us because even though there were moments, they were never the right moment until now” baby blues remaining perfectly locked on her enchanting and beautiful brown eyes.  “It took a hell of a lot to get us here….pain, heart ache and any other negative feeling you can think of….but it was trials such as those that helped bring us here and for that I am grateful….I am grateful to you Elena Gilbert because even in death you make me feel most alive” offering her a gentle smile recalling her speech “you make me feel human….you bring me back to life over and over again, and for that and so many other reasons I love you.”

Scooting closer to her “to us and now ” he toasts clinking his glass against hers and then lifting the glass to his lips and taking a short sip. The crimson liquid gliding perfectly   and swiftly down his throat, relishing in the blood that is their life source, removing the glass from his lips and carefully setting it back down on the blanket, his gaze never once leaving Elena’s face admiring the beauty before him how did I get so lucky he can’t help but think to himself as he smiles at her, not his usual smirk but a genuine smile. 



Katherine isn’t really sure how much time had passed here, nor the outside world. It’d all been one blur with the swirl of this after life around her. And not exactly the most entertaining when all you’re left with is the opportunity to reflect on all the things you’ve ever done wrong. Which for Katherine Pierce, is a lot. And before stands her one of the most prime examples of her biggest mistake. Because that’s what giving him up had been; all the mistakes she’s made and that would always be regarded as one of the largest and most devastating of ones. He had loved her so completely, cherished her physically and beyond that. She could remember every touch like she’d just experienced them all at once. Their first time seared in to her memory like a hot iron on her skin - only with a more pleasurable reaction, not painful in the least. Save for just the right moments.

There was a mixture of those sensations now. Only the pain, well.. it was painful. Being reminded of how she’d wronged him and knowing what that would most likely lead his answer to be. At the very least, for a moment, it felt nice to hear some of the things he was saying. And if that’s all she was left with.. But then he was kissing her, a sense of confusion momentarily flooding her but that didn’t stop her for a moment from responding to it. Not an ounce of hesitation had when it came to kissing him back.


It was that kiss which surged something through her, a jolt to a part that had dead long since before she was dragged in to hell. It brought her back, back to so many good things and times in her life that she’d cherished. All because they’d included him. Like that night on the balcony, a party within, where they’d shared their first kiss. As chaste as it’d been, brief like it was now. Though when the kiss was over and he was speaking once more, it was like her heart attack all over again. Chest seized with unbearable pain, yet she tried to hide that from showing on her face. Dark chocolate gaze clouding over even more, the more and more he spoke. Swallowing thickly, she took a step back as she had to blink back that which welled behind her eye lids. Turning around because fighting that back, was easier said then done.

❝ I would have chosen you, Damon. ❞ She breathed out but just loud enough she knew he’d hear it. Taking another step and still not turning back around, because she couldn’t look at him as she begun to speak again. ❝ Were it ever to come down to one of us leaving here, the other staying behind.. I would have rather spent an eternity in this place than leave without you. ❞ Even if no doubt were that to ever happen, he’d most likely have chosen to return to Elena. This wasn’t about his choice, this was about her own. And yes, she knew that there were people no doubt fighting to retrieve him from here. Without a soul left in the living world to care about her ever coming back. But that hadn’t been a contemplation in her mind, when trying to win over his favor once more. For once, she’d been listening to the whims of her heart and yet again reminded of the pain that could bring her. She shook her head and turned, for a moment no longer caring that those little droplets of tears were obvious on her cheeks. 


❝ Give us this, Damon. This place. ❞ She stated as she looked at him straight on now. Maybe it would only lead to further heart break when the day came that someone did resurrect him; but if there was one thing most obvious.. It was her selfishness, hence the final request she was making of him now. ❝ No tight strings.. Just us, what we should have had - even if it only lasts a moment more. And when the time comes when you’re saved, removed from this place, you need not think of me any longer. You can live your life; with your brother.. with Elena.. And I can resume the suffering I deserve, with one final moment of happiness. Considering a dying girl’s last request, long over due. ❞

I would have chosen you Damon

Those six words enough to shatter him, because during the course of his life whether it be as a human or a vampire he had never known what it was like to be chosen, to someone’s first choice or to be put before someone. It was something he wasn’t familiar with. Even as the eldest brother his dear ole daddy always made it known how Damon had been such a failure in his eyes, no matter what he had accomplished it was never good enough in his father’s eyes. Stefan however was a completely different story he could just walk into the room and their father’s expression would completely light up. It was clear to see who their father loved more, and even if it wasn’t Giuseppe always made it known. Holiday’s and especially birthday’s was something Damon wasn’t familiar with, because on such days he wasn’t recognized. Even now he could recall his father’s harsh words birthdays are meant to celebrate the life of someone….I have no reason to celebrate you being brought into this life….into my life….you only bring disappointment and shame. Damon was lucky enough to get a cup cake or piece of cake that one of the handmaid’s would sneak to him when his father was in town handling business. Stefan was the exact opposite because each New Year whether it be Birthday or Christmas their father always upped his last party or gift from the last year. It was in those times were Damon had finally decided to give up and take on the roll of disappointment.

Southern Belle’s had been more than affectionate when showing their attention to him, treating him like he was worth something as they crowded him at every social gathering he had been obligated to go to. Damon knew the reason for it, it hadn’t been because they had felt something for him, no, no it had been the fact that they wanted to be well off, and seeing as Giuseppe Salvatore had money they all knew his riches, the plantation and anything else would go to him. Wrong, though it was traditional for the father to leave everything to the older son Damon was more than aware that he wouldn’t even get a penny left to him after dear ole daddy’s passing.

Katherine, Damon had thought she had been the exception, he had thought she’d be the one to break the vicious cycle, but he had been wrong, because even though she seemed to care less about the Salvatore Fortune she still wanted something, someone else, his brother, Stefan. It would always be Stefan, sure Katherine had played them both but she had left Damon believing that when he’d turn it would only be the two of them and it was because of that reason, and that hope which had made Damon endure the sight of seeing his beloved show affections towards his younger brother, because in the end it would be just them. Wrong again, waking up to see that Katherine too had given this curse and gift to Stefan had been a knife straight through the heart for Damon because he had realized now he’d have to accept her relationship with his brother forever.

It seemed to only grow worse for Damon from thinking her to be dead, to being told that she was locked in a tomb and to spending over a century of his life dedicated to finding a way to free her, not to mention three years of his life held captive in a place that still caused him to shudder in fear. The truth really a lie when he had found out that Katherine hadn’t been entombed to begin with and even in that betrayal, anger and pain he had still continued to love her so it only made sense that when she had presented herself to him he had been willing to give her a second chance, and it was in that moment were the universe had decided to crush him even more I never loved you Damon, it was always Stefan.

Katherine’s continued admission snapping Damon from his flood of thoughts as he stands immobile. Trying to let it sink in that the one and only Katherine Pierce has just confessed that she’d choose spending the rest of her non living days here stuck with him rather than returning back home. Deciding to ask himself that same question he knew he’d do anything in his power to get back to Elena, but if it came down to it, if it came down to only one being able to go back knowing that he’d be leaving Katherine behind to fend for herself in this hellish prison I wouldn’t go not even having to consider it, but keeping that to himself and praying it will never have to come down to that knowing my luck with the way the universe enjoys screwing with me that’s exactly how it will go down.

“Katherine” trialing off honestly not even knowing how to handle this and what she’s asking of him “how….how could you even suggest something like that” he half growls out in frustration. Lifting his hand to his temple and rubbing it in irritation before raising it further and raking it into his dark locks. “How can you think for even a second that any of this” gesturing back and forth between the two of them “is okay” he asks with an arched brow. Striding forward until they are standing almost chest to chest, but he doesn’t quite close that distance remaining cautious and not wanting to establish anymore closeness not to mention he’s still trying to remove the taste of lips, as her kiss still lingers against him. “I just told you that I still feel something for you and you think that giving into this….into us is a smart thing to do” hissing as he shakes his head “what happens if we get out of this mess” making sure to  add ‘we’ to the question “it might take weeks, months, years or hell I don’t know how long for it to finally happen and you expect me to come out of this normal….to forget and remove whatever you and I had here?” Closing the distance so that they are now chest to chest his icy blue orbs intently locking with her questioning hazel eyes “you may be skilled at having the ability to forget about what you felt for me….and hell anyone else” he scoffs “to act like it was nothing but I won’t…..I can’t….because that….that is not who I am” he firmly states eyeing her for a brief moment “so no Katherine I won’t give us this” and without another word he’s brushing past her, his shoulder bumping into hers as he passes her not looking back as he continues to walk off desiring some much needed space. 

Delena || Lakeside Love



There were two things she wasn’t expecting that morning. First of all to be woken up so early, as well as being woken up like that because apparently they had plans. And of course as soon as Damon mentioned they were going anywhere, her first reaction was to ask about Jeremy. To get him up as well and see if he wanted to come along. Though before she could go anywhere near his room, Damon insisted that he’d be fine by himself. Elena knew he was right, a couple hours, he’d be fine. That didn’t mean she particularly liked the idea of leaving him behind. As she got ready, which took a little bit of time, considering she had to search for everything she needed. Her bikini not something she used very often, in fact she couldn’t remember the last time she wore. Oh well apparently she’d be getting the chance to today.

Aside from that getting ready was easy, throwing on a pair of shorts and a top to cover herself up for the time being. Just before leaving she considered asking Jeremy if he wanted to go. A trip to the watering hole could be good for him, but she went to his room an of course he was still asleep. With a sigh, and much reluctance on her part, she decide to leave him alone.

Now the ride there wasn’t very long, but it was filled mostly with silence oh and the occasional sigh from Elena. Her attention focused on everything outside the car, the sun rising, for the most part the town still quiet. The car coming to a stop, about to get out herself but she hesitated. His touch was what made her look in his direction to meet his gaze. She forced a half smile, but she knew it was wasted effort, he’d see right through it. He had more to say and she forced herself to stay quiet and give him time to finish. “Oh…” Why did that come as such a surprised to her. “He said that?” Slowly she shook her head, “He’s right..You’re right…” She was hovering but could anyone blame her? Jeremy had died, they had been separated. She hadn’t been there for him when he needed her most and it got him killed. A mistake she’d be damned to make again. 

Like it or not she couldn’t spend twenty four seven with her brother. Some time alone, he’d be okay and aside from that Damon was right about everything else. Today was a good day, nothing was going wrong. A rare thing in Mystic Falls, and they’d be stupid not to take advantaged of it while it lasted. 

His arm around her waist, she leaned into him. Today was a good day, something they all deserved after everything they’d recently had to go through. She laughed, smiling, this time it was far more genuine. “Oh, I’m sure you are.” Closer to the lake she was led, stopping not that far away. This place, it was much quieter than usual. The only other times she’d come here it was for a party. So it’s safe to say it wasn’t nearly that crazy now. “But you’re assuming that I even want to go swimming.” Trying to be serious as possible as she spoke, something she realized was harder than expected. Wiggling from out of his grasp, she stepped back, glancing towards the basket in his grasp. “Is there anything I can do to help?” She imagined setting up wouldn’t be too hard but she still offered.

The last time Damon had been around water was when Elena was one short step closer to flying off the coco’s nest. Thankfully he had gotten there just in time to delay her sudden need to kill herself, and thanks to Baby Gilbert for hacking a werewolf the curse of madness that Elena had been going through died along with the wolf. Unfortunately though Elena had been dead set on wanting to end her life that she had tossed her ring into the water, and it wouldn’t have been that bad if it had still been in the dead of night, but time was pressing as the sun started to rise, and Damon knew he had to act. That acting resulting in him drawing Elena into his arms and jumping straight into the lake to shield her from the rising sun aka a vampire who doesn’t get a nifty daylight ring’s enemy.

Who would have predicted that the next day during the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant Elena would end up admitting to Damon that she had broke things off with Stefan and he had been the reason because of it. Damon was half tempted to ask if he had been hallucinating considering Elena would only admit to feeling things for him in his dreams, but that day had been real, along with that night. Thinking back to it now caused a soft smile to appear on Damon’s dark features recalling how truly perfect that night had been, because it had finally been right and it had allowed them to give in to bad the damn sire bond was announced the day after.

“Oh beautiful” tilting his head the side “you’re going in that water whether it be voluntarily or in voluntarily you” pointing his finger at her “are most definitely going in” he says with a cheeky smirk. With her now out of his grasp he walks over to what he had deemed as their spot, shaking out the blanket and carefully draping it on the ground. Elena’s question causing his cobalt baby blues to flick up at her “nope” giving an extra pop of the p “you just stay there and look beautiful, which won’t be hard at all” he teases admiring her for a moment before going back to his task as he straightens out the blanket, not wanting there to be any creases.

Satisfied with how neat the blanket is spread he grabs the basket setting it down “now” flipping open the lid of the basket “since I woke you up at the crack of dawn and we didn’t get to properly eat” reaching into the basket he fishes out two glasses along with a blood bag “breakfast is served.” Lifting the bag to his lips, teeth catching the bag as he rips it open enough so that he can pour the blood into each glass, filling them both to the rim “don’t worry I actually packed us food” he reassures her before patting the empty spot next to him “saved you a seat” he winks as he outstretches his hand offering her a glass. 

Forgive or Forgive Me Not


Well aware that he wasn’t likely to respond to her message, there wasn’t much else to say. What would he have to say to her saying she’d basically been wining and dining his mother all evening? She wasn’t in it for a thank you or any type of recognition. Amelia knew how much his mother meant to him, how much he loved her and missed her. She was determined to keep this light in his life at any cost… considering the consequences that could come if he he’d lost her.. again. She was never told much about the woman but the way his eyes lit up and the softness that consumed his features when he spoke of her was all the reason she needed. If only she could make Mrs. Salvatore see it that way.

There were so many bottles of wine to choose from and she was so distracted by the many labels. Barolo, Amarone, Cabernet Sauvignon. When she’d finally picked out a bottle she knew there was still one more thing to get. Blood. She hadn’t asked if Mrs. Salvatore would even entertain the idea of trying a small bag of blood let alone see it. Amelia just had to keep the option available. It couldn’t hurt. This didn’t have to be bad and Amelia was sure that she could make Mary see this. There was still some shred of humanity that she could hold onto despite being what she was. That there was a life in the afterlife and being undead.

She was digging deeply into the freezer, the blood bags being way at the bottom, her feet damn near dangle as she pulls herself further in. Amelia cursing her way down as she struggles to get the last bag from the bottom. ” Deep freezer and you have two bags left, fuck your entire existence Mr. Salvatore. ” Amelia groans. ” HA HA- AH! “ 

Suddenly she’s spun into arms, dropping the bags she’d just struggled to obtain and lips melting over her own. Part of her wishes to groan but all sense of anger and frustration leave her as she feels her place in his arms. There’s no hesitation in return and she kisses him back just as anxiously as he’d delivered it. There’s no control as her fingers greedily knead into his shoulders and trail up the column of his neck, keeping him close until he’s no longer kissing her and leaving her breathless. ” You’re an ass. Not to mention your mother is upstairs, the last thing I need is for her to come downstairs and find us playing tonsil hockey. ” Amelia reminds him in a whisper.

Pushing him away she rolls her eyes and moves aside for him to get the last two blood bags from the bottom of the freezer. The ones he’d made her drop with his surprise. “ I missed you too but you could’ve come with a warning, those two bags were harder to get than you think. I’m not a tall woman, Damon. ”


Damon was well aware that he had startled her, but he couldn’t help himself considering the simple fact he had missed her and because she was just too damn tempting to ignore. Having Amelia in his arms and responding to the kiss was enough for Damon to forget about his surroundings all together. Half tempted to lift her and set her onto the freezer just so that he could have his way with her. After all they were vampire’s which meant being down here wouldn’t be uncomfortable for either of them. That thought alone sounding better and better, why wasn’t he doing that now?

You’re an ass. Not to mention your mother is upstairs, the last thing I need is for her to come downstairs and find us playing tonsil hockey

Oh yeah, there it was, that was the reason and dose of cold water right there that had stopped Damon from shredding her of her clothes. A rich and more than amused chuckle slipping past him as he rests his hands on her hips “isn’t that what mother’s are suppose to do” he asks with a raised brow “walk in on their child making out….getting hot and heavy and then giving the safety first speech” smirking as his hands slip underneath her shirt “we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Rolling his eyes as she pushes him away, but smiling none the less at the fact that she wants to make a good impression “now where’s the fun in that” he questions before moving over “watch how it’s done babe” he teases, bending down and reaching his hand into the freezer, fetching the two blood bags.

“There” tossing them over to her as he leans against the freezer releasing a soft sigh “this is still so new to me……my mo” still not able to say it “she’s a vampire….and we are tending to her and now” glancing at the blood bags “now we have to try and get her to drink” tapping his finger tips along the freezer door. “Here” walking back over to her he takes the bags out of her hands sliding them into his jacket, keeping them covered “I rather put this in a more dignified glass….make it easier for her.” Retrieving the wine he hands her over the bottle before taking her free hand, lacing it with his and heading back of the stairs to go find his mother this will be interesting. 

Tatia & Damon. Where the streets have no name


“Another point of view, yes, it wasn’t me. I know it for some reason.” She tapped her nail against her bottom lip. With a sly smile she continued. "A great song. Elvis will be jealous of us.” Tatia took a step forward, gliding easily over the floor. Damon had the impression of a giant jungle cat stalking her, silent on any surface. Her dark eyes burned possessively over his tall, slender figure. “I just thought, what I said, I can’t remember, that’s why I asked, I was like in trance, the earth trembled and then this weird figure all over me, more like shadows. And then you were there. just like that, you’re real, or?” She said, trying to find her voice, "I’ve had a particularly rough day today. I really don’t want to do battle with you. So I’ll be honest, I don’t have secrets, and here, you can’t hide your secrets. truth to be told, I can’t remember everything. But I know something is here, I don’t know what, or where, but I can feel it." She intended to sound firm. Instead she sounded so infinitely weary. "I heard them, someone cried, and said Damon, no." She replied in her most soft voice. "I don’t intend to hide something from you."

His eyes were no longer ice cold and hard, but smoldering with such a dark intensity she felt as if he was actually physically touching her when he directed his gaze to her. His accent twisted its way right into her senses, embedding deep so that she was breathing him into her lungs. It was terrifying the way her body reacted to him. It was familiar to her. Even the sound of his voice. "Which skills did you had on the other side?" Maybe he could help her if he had some skills or maybe he could remember, after all, he had dreamed, of her doppelganger, so there must be something in him. "Doppelganger?" She murmured to herself. Her hands hung loosely, innocently at her sides. The sensation was so real she found herself blushing wildly. "Sneaking-up-on-women skills?" She tried a severe frown. Already her traitorous mouth was dry. She rubbed her palms down the sides of her faded jeans, touched a piece of straw with the toe of her boot to studiously avoid looking at him. It would have been a great time for an earthquake, the earth opening and swallowing her. “Did you have anything in particular you wanted or did you just come over here to irritate me?” She scowled at him, doing her best to look intimidating. She could readily believe he never had to sneak up on women. Any woman. They probably just threw themselves at him. His smile widened, revealing amazingly white teeth. "Don’t look at me with that tone of your voice." Her legs felt weak, her breasts ached, every nerve ending leapt to life, tingling with awareness. The heat of her body was astounding. She thought the temperature might have shot up a few hundred degrees. She stared at him as if he had grown two heads. Her hands were busy on the leather of his jacket, her fingers sure and deft. She watched him, counting the beats of her heart. "Yes we should stay close, but not that close." She reprimanded him with one look from under her long lashes. She glanced at his perfectly chiseled features and just as quickly looked away. “They were flashes?”


 “Then who the hell was it” he half roars feeling frustration and annoyance surge through him. Realizing that he has no reason whatsoever to be cross with her he closes his eyes for a moment before opening them, his apologetic cobalt baby blues resting on her “I’m sorry….I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that….you’re just as confused as I am.” A half smirk on his lips at her comment “I wish I could say I knew who that was” he replies hell I wish I knew at least something. “Damon” he repeats feeling a wave of familiarity wash over him that name alone sparking something inside of him “do you….do you think that’s my name?”

The way that she was looking, gazing at him was as if she was looking right into his very soul. Tatia’s gaze was penetrating him to the point where he felt annoyed because she seemed to know him better than himself, and thrilled because whatever was going on between the two of them he felt this intense connection. “I don’t know” he simply answers “considering I might have just found out my own name….not much….I did however before encountering you found I was able to intently listen in on my surroundings to the point where if I was to hear a pin drop from far off in the distance I’d hear it perfectly.” An amused laugh escaping him at her question “no….no sneaking up on beautiful women” he adds in giving her a wink “certainly isn’t one of them….flirting with them however” eyeing her for a moment as he licks his lips “that’s one I’m hoping to have” he teases back. Any hint of teasing vanishing at her cold tone, but already he finds her to be an open book and the way she’s trying to avoid his gaze further proving that he’s getting to her. “Don’t look at you with that tone of voice” arching his brow as he gives her a devilish smirk “and what tone am I using exactly?”

“Why don’t you just admit you feel a pull towards me” he suddenly blurts out keeping his gaze trained on her “there’s something happening here….I have no clue as to what it is but because of it you’re trying to distract and avoid it” he points out. Damon’s smirk only grew more as she cast her gaze away causing him to shake his head “yes flashes….they weren’t entirely full memories but they were flashes….seemed like moments that have been collected through time.” Falling into step with her as they begin to walk around, every now and then his gaze shifting towards their surroundings to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary “it’s all very confusing” he confesses with a shrug of his shoulders. “Tell me….how long have you been here….you’ve told me what you’ve heard but have you seen anything that we should be on the lookout for?” 

In this horrible time away from Elena, is there a special memory you have of her during the summer of your dreams together? Any funny or intimate moments that mean the most to you now?

The summer of our lives you mean? There are many but I’d have to go with the time we ended up going to the lake and having the place all to ourselves, probably because of the fact that I woke her ass early and dragged her out of bed. It was used as a means of distraction because when Elena had first gotten Jeremy back from the dead it was easy to understand why she had difficulty letting him out of her sight. Fast forward to a week later and she still was hovering him over constantly, wanting to drag him everywhere, talk about true cock block, but I dealt with it because it helped ease her. When the kid however confessed to me he was growing tired of it cue yours truly packing a picnic basket and driving Elena out to the lake giving Baby Gilbert some me time. 


We spent the day relishing in our nifty day light rings and each other. Chased after her when we were swimming and I may or may not have convinced her to go skinny dipping with me. 



I’ll be in my bunk. Crying over Datherine.

You did NOT just do this to me you cruel woman, looks like I need to listen to DK signature theme song

I have an incredibly important question! Do you want to build a snowman?

Go away Anna


Trying to figure out a way to get back to my girl and save the day. I don’t have time to play, okay? Okay, bye. 

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Forgive or Forgive Me Not



“This is ridiculous”

Muttering to himself as he hastily pushes his hands under the stream water allowing it to wash away the blood that had coated his hands. Damon was more than use to cleaning himself up after kills, but usually those kills included being bad ass and things got messy, but this, this was sad.

“All I need is the god awful hero hair, frown lines and wa-la I’m officially my brother” shaking his head recalling that he had legit just drained a deer, puncturing the poor animals side enough to draw blood and fill a vile to the tip top. The events about today made no sense whatsoever, and most days he wasn’t the type to take on charity cases, but this, this was an exception.


The afternoon had been fairly normal as he strolled down the street, hands in his pockets deciding to head towards the Grill to get himself a bite to eat. Grateful that even as a Vampire he was still allowed the pleasure of human food, and right now he found himself craving a burger. Just as he’s about to head towards the direction of the Grill he picks up on a recognizable smell blood making sure that no one is around he flashes towards the source.

Sure enough the second he reaches his destination he catches sight of a woman compelling a young girl and before he knows it he watches as the girl quickly hustles away. If she hadn’t been compelled to forget about the encounter he would have gone after her, but instead his gaze remains locked on the broken woman crouched on the ground. “Well you certainly broke the cliché of vampires being bloodshed monsters” announcing himself as he steps more into the alley “considering your state I’d assume this was your first feed….bravo though on your control most Baby Vamps fail in being able to resist the sirens call of blood” he smoothly states now kneeling down in front of her.

With the woman’s face locked on the ground and hair  matted over her face he has trouble seeing her, releasing a heavy sigh ‘this is not how I wanted to spend my day babysitting’ pursing his lips together in deep thought considering how he wants to go about handling this. “Look sweetheart I’ve been living in this town for a while now…I consider it my home and I like keeping things in order….I can’t have you drawing attention to yourself because said attention will then eventually draw to me and the ones I love and that” clicking his tongue “is a no, no.” With choice made “alright I’m going to take you back to my place…before you get all excited no not for that” he’s quick to say “get you cleaned up… you the ropes on how to be a vampire and then you can go on your merry way….now” cocking his head to the side “being as I was raised a gentleman I still have those Southern roots it would be rude to pass the introduction phase I’m Damon, Damon Salvatore and you are?”


Mary Salvatore

That name alone enough to cause Damon’s whole world to come crashing down on him and that name alone enough for his very breath to be stolen from him, and even as a vampire he recalled suddenly feeling as if he lacked the ability to breathe. At first Damon would have thought it to be a sick joke or simply a coincidence but the moment she lifted her head and his eyes met hers he was filled with such warmth, memories of his child flooding him another to cause the strong vampire to stagger back.

Shaking his head from his thoughts he hears the sound of his phone ringing, pulling his hands out of the water and doing an air dry. Quickly fishing into his jean pocket as he grabs for his IPhone, guilt immediately crashing into him seeing the name upon the caller ID list considering ever since his mother had arrived  back into his life and he had offered her a place to stay he had been keeping himself isolated from the rest of the world including his girlfriend.  Before he had left this morning he had sent a quick text to Amelia asking her to come over with the intention of telling her about what was going down, but with everything happening around him he had completely forgotten the second he saw how weak his mom was knowing she needed to feed, but being stubborn like his brother refusing for it to be human. Which caused Damon to go deep into the woods and hunt hoping she’d at least try this diet idiot….idiot scolding himself for being such an idiot. Just as he’s about to pick up he misses it. Inwardly cursing as he waits for the voice mail before lifting the phone to his ear.

 You’re such an ass for not telling me your mother was home, but I’m an even bigger ass for what I assumed when she came down in a robe

“Fuck” he hisses out not even beginning to imagine how Amelia must have felt stumbling across a stranger, a woman in his house. Please tell me she didn’t snap her neck….hey mom this is my girlfriend Amelia yes she snapped your neck but it’ll be a great story for the grandkids right rolling his eyes.

I am such a horrible girlfriend, why are you with me? I’m sorry, Damon

“I’m the one who royally screwed up” he says into the phone as he listens to the rest of the message, breathing a sigh relief at her last statement causing a smile to play on his lips. When the message ends he opens up text quickly sending her a text, stuffing the vile into his pocket and then blurring out of the woods.

[TEXT] I’ll forgive you if you forgive me for the sole fact that I’m an idiot. Deal? I’m on my way back now. 


Just as she was exiting his room she gave it one final glance over making sure she hadn’t disturbed anything or put anything out of its place. A specific pulse began to vibrate in her pocket, indicating just who it had been. Even without it she knew who it was, he never delayed too long in his responses to her— unless she’d lost contact with him completely. The mere seconds worth of thought had sent a pang to her unbeating heart.  She was so strung out for this man it was unbelievable. Pulling the phone from her pocket she read over the message. How was he the idiot in the situation? Granted he’d forgotten to tell her just how the woman in his home had been but that was easily excused once Amelia had learned who she was.  Amelia probably would have done the same thing— if it were her mother of course, her father wouldn’t have received a warm welcoming. 

[ Text: My Everything ] : You’re not an idiot, Damon. The most important woman in your lifetime is now back in your life. It’s okay if your brain is a little rattled. Take your time, everything is pretty much handled here. Your mother is eating some five star french cuisine by Chef-Boyar-Melia ;)

[ Text: My Everything ] : Maybe I can persuade her to have a blood bag to cleanse her pallette for dessert. 

Placing her phone back into her pocket once more she returns downstairs to the woman of the house. Her emerald hues study the room before calling out to Mary. ” Mrs. Salvatore? I’m going to the Cellar really quick, I’ll be back up I’m just going to get some of Damons’ wine. ” Amelia says. ‘ And a blood bag or two for the both of us. ’ She thinks to herself.

Amelia felt a small sense of pride in knowing she hadn’t reacted the way she would have normally done. The woman would have had her heart ripped out, her blood used as paint to color the walls of his home and her corpse purposely propped in a way that it would have struck a nerve in the eldest Salvatore. She was glad she didn’t. Amelia always wanted to meet the woman whom had given birth to the man she’d fallen so in love with, curiosity getting the best of her and wondering what she was like. Was her attitude anything like Damons? Did he have her eyes? So many questions.

Walking down the steps, her feet are light but they give indication to where she was going. Amelia had no intentions of deceiving the woman. She was going to do as she said and bring his finest wine out, along with two blood bags.


Not a second later just as he reached his car he heard the song of a ding alerting him of another message. When it came to communication Amelia and he excelled at it always keeping the other one up to date, and not having the other wait long for the reply. If it took long for a reply then that usually meant something was wrong.

Retrieving his phone from out of his pocket he slides the lock screen as two new messages pop up, clicking ‘view’ as he cans them both. Not able to hold back the chuckle at her newly acquired cooking skills causing him to shake his head “and that is why I love this woman” he whispers to himself shoving his phone back into his pocket,  walking around to the driver’s side, sliding in and eagerly revving up the engine and speeding off.

So many he breaks a couple of laws like rolling through a stop sign, pressing the gas pedal a little too hard and going straight through a red light, but he doesn’t get caught, and even if he did compulsion would certainly do the trick. Making it back home in record timing he kills the engine, patting the dash before sliding out of the car. Heading towards the front door he pushes the large oak door open, not having it locked because truly a person would be foolish to enter a house filled with vampires, especially hungry ones. That’s a dinner party waiting to happen he amusingly thinks to himself crossing into the threshold of the Boarding House as he closes the door behind him.

Just as he’s about to go announce to his Mo….Mary that he’s home he hears sounds coming from the cellar, specifically the sound of the freezer door being open figuring out exactly who it is. Smiling to himself, his eyes catching sight of Mary walking past the kitchen, but she doesn’t yet catch him causing him to blur past her and head straight down the stairs leading directly into the cellar. As suspected he spots Amelia bending over as she reaches into the freezer to retrieve a blood bag or two. Even after all their desires and escapades his need for her still strong not able to behave himself as he flashes over to her, standing behind her, hands settling on her hips and spinning her around causing her to drop the bags back into the freezer. Not giving her the chance but offering a sly smirk as he crushes his lips passionately and desperately against hers.

Ever since his mother had reentered his life he had been as Amelia had said scattered and lost which had caused him to avoid her, and now that she was within arm’s reach he couldn’t help himself.  Forcing himself to draw back he teasingly captures her bottom lip giving it a tug before releasing her lip, his gaze now meeting hers “sorry for the interruption but I missed you.” 

Dream A Little Dream Of Me


Seeing Damon again made Hazel feel so safe. Just like always he had protected her. The dream she’d been having before he had appeared had been a terrible never ending nightmare, at least it had felt never-ending. It had started with her crying over Damon’s tombstone like she had done many times in real life. Elena had been beside her and crying too. But then very suddenly Elena had vanished and in her place had appeared a tombstone - Elena’s tombstone. She had died too. Hazel had screamed for her and screamed for Damon but they didn’t answer because they were both dead. She had sobbed hysterically by their graves, wishing to die and join them.

But instead of dying and becoming a tombstone herself she had felt a hand on her shoulder and with a waterfall of tears flowing down her face had looked up into the faces of her birth parents, who told her since Elena and Damon were dead she had to come back home with them. The dream then changed to her being beaten by her daddy and her crying for Damon and Elena but they hadn’t come and her daddy shouted at her that they were dead and would never come back and she had cried and cried because she wanted them so badly. She wanted her real mommy and daddy but they were gone and never coming back. She had cried for her daddy to kill her so she could be with them again and maybe he would have… but then the dreamed had ended and Damon had appeared. That dream was over now. Damon had pulled her out of it and into a dream with him and as always had protected her. But part of her dream had truth to it. Damon, her real daddy, was dead. There was no relief in this new dream because Damon was still dead.

“You have to get back!” Hazel begged him desperately. The comfort and safety she was feeling would all vanish the moment Damon disappeared. She clung to him as tight as she could, as if clinging to him like that would stop him from disappearing from her dream. Damon stood up and continued to hold her and she continued to cling to him tightly. She didn’t want to let him go. “Please try,” she told him. “You really mean it? Even when I’m awake? You’ll always be there?”

She listened closely when he told her his message for Elena and nodded. “I promise I will tell her as soon as I wake up. You need to visit her dreams too. It would make her so happy.” If possible, she clung to him even tighter. “You promised you’re trying to find a way out so you have to promise you’ll get back to us no matter what. So we can hug you whenever we want. Promise?”

She missed how safe Damon made her feel. When Damon had still been here she had slept between him and Elena when she was having a bad night. Being snuggled in-between them had made all her fears and anxieties melt away into a blissful feeling of safety where no bad dream could touch her. That’s how she felt right now with him. But with Damon gone in the real world she didn’t feel safe anymore. Even when she lay next to Elena at night she didn’t feel safe. Even though she knew Elena would protect her Damon being gone scared her. She had always seen Damon as invincible. He was a big strong vampire. Nothing could happen to him. But something had and if something could happen to him something could happen to Elena. She could lose Elena too. She could lose both of her adoptive parents. That’s why she’d had a dream about losing both of them. That’s why her nightmares kept coming and coming every night, nightmares of her past with her parents and nightmares of what her future would be like if she lost them both.

“You have to come back to protect us. I’m not strong enough to protect Elena. I’m scared something could happen to her like something happened to you. I’m scared of being alone. I want you to come home…” She cried into his neck.


“Princess” his voice half cracking as he hears the desperation ringing in hers, her grip on him tight afraid to let him slip through her very fingers causing Damon to close his eyes to stop the tears that clearly wish to form. “Yes honey I’m always going to be here, you might not be able to see me but I’m going to be watching over you…..sort of like a guardian” a hint of a smile on his lips “a protector if you will.”

“Good girl” he gently coos as he runs his fingers through her hair gently stroking it “I miss her….I miss her more than anything” and he did to the point where he’d sell his very soul just to get back to her, because even soulless he knew the moment he’d see Elena again his dead heart would come back to life. It would be a miracle, that miracle being Elena. Crouching down more so that he’s at her level he holds his pinky out to her “I promise….pinky swear.”

“I will I swear to you I’ll do everything in my power” their pinky’s linking as he gives it a good shake before releasing it “I’ll make it back to my girls” he vows. “Nothing is going to happen to Elena she has loved ones who will protect her and look after her….look after you both…’re safe Hazel nothing will happen to either of you.”

For a moment he falls silent as she clings to him, her wet tears falling onto his neck as he closes his eyes not now feeling that familiar pull that’s signaling him that he doesn’t have too long. Drawing himself back “listen to me carefully Princess I have to go now….I don’t have enough strength to stay here long, but I will return to you as soon as I have the ability to do so.” Cupping her face in his hands as he presses a soft kiss to her temple “I am always with you….and remember to tell Elena what I told you about Italy….she might not believe you at first but don’t give up…..don’t let her give up on me.”

The surroundings he had created slowly starting to turn back to the prison he is locked in , darkness surrounding him as he begins to get pulled back, no longer able to touch her “I have to go now Princess…..I love you” he shouts out “wake up now” he instructs to her before she vanishes before his very eyes just as he’s greeted to full darkness.