Anonymous asked: Do you miss Rose sometime?

Do I miss the sex? Yes

Yes I miss her. She was able to see past the smug attitude and dry humor. I could use her more than anything now. It would be nice to vent to someone, and yes even I feel the need to do that at times.

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Anonymous asked: Why did you leave before Elena woke up?

It kind of breaks the whole I never want to see you again dramatic speech I uttered just yesterday don’t you think? 

Anonymous asked: Did you mean what you said to Elena?

If by telling her that I never want to talk or see her again? Yes, but before you come all pitch forks and what not on me you need to know that I love her to the moon and back, and I can’t play the friend card. That’s just not in the realm of possibilities. It hurts, hell it kills, it’s hell going through this not hearing her voice or getting lost in those soulful brown eyes, but I need to do this. 

Anonymous asked: So the fact that you checked to see where Caroline was.. I guess that means she's on the small list of people you care about, hmm?

Woah, woah, woah lets not get technical and try to dive into the deeper meaning. 

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Anonymous asked: Who do you love more: Enzo or Elena?

It’s a different kind of love. Enzo for the longest time was not only just a cell mate he was my companion, my confidant, my best friend and a brother. Elena is the woman that I love more than life itself, including my own and if you do a follow up question then yes I’d choose her.

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Anonymous asked: who do you love more, enzo or stefan?

Those five years of captivity I loved Enzo he was like another brother, but he also constantly reminded me of my brother even when he wasn’t present. Stefan is my blood, good or bad he’s my brother always, and well I won’t get into the cliche mushy part but you get the point. 


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Curious Ones Ask The Stud

Mark my word I will not give up on you. It was you who brought me back from the edge every time I was close to taking that final step. It was you who made sure I never reached my full tipping point, and it was you who turned defeat back into hope and gave me something to hold onto. I don’t care how long it takes, I’ll set things right. I’ll get you back, so hold on solider.

A hell of a lot happened today. My past came back to bite me in the ass. If you have questions speak now….

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Possible TVD Finale Scenario

The finale of TVD is nearing. I have to be honest this season has had me interested and then wanting to turn away. The ratings also display that. I think in order to gain passionate viewers again something BIG and FRESH needs to happen. It needs to be something where the audience is like holy shit did that just happen. Is this the journey we are taking next season? I thought of a little scenario

Hear me out now. There are rumors going around that Damon might end up dying. Now we know Ian is already contracted for season 6 and we know there is no TVD without the Salvatore brothers. What if when Damon dies we travel with him. Picture this as the scene.

Darkness is surrounding the passed out figure decked in his signature black ensemble. A low grunt of pain is heard as ocean blues slowly flutter open. His eyes taking in unusual and unfamiliar surroundings. For a few moments he’s completely silent and still taking in where he is, trying to recall what he remembers last. Explosion, chaos, screams, Stefan, Elena and darkness.

"Where the hell am I" he finally speaks.

In the distance we hear the sounds of heels clicking coming forward, but the figure has not yet made their selves known as Damon remains laying on the ground still trying to recuperate.

"You just answered your own question" another voice entering the conversation.

The tone inviting and seductive something Damon realizes is more than familiar. Heels now in front of his view, his gaze slowly casting upwards, eyes widening in disbelief “Katherine.”

She’s wearing her signature and taunting smirk, but there’s something different about her because he doesn’t catch that usual devilish glint in her eyes. “Hello Damon” she coolly greets as she locks eyes with him, tilting her head to the side “did you miss me?”

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Don’t worry guys we get you had to stomach the pain painstakingly perfect AU of SE but come on we all know if Damon was introduced he’d create some angst, look out because it’s heading your way ;)

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Someone fucking explain to me this universe because I’m lost. If Stefan and Elena were fated to meet and they were human, Stefan was born in 1864 he would have been dead. Wouldn’t it have been Tom then?

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